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NASA’s Unveils New Operation Scheme to Resume Duties

There is good news for the space industry, after all. NASA recently announced plans to reopen its operational centers. Thus, is after the passing onset of the coronavirus pandemic that caused a total shut down of all of the space agency’s operations. According to reports from the space agency, the process to reopen each center will be procedural, depending on the situation per center. The agency plans to have a slow rollout of opening in each center that will see to a careful inspection of all its centers.

The agency recently announced its online town hall meeting g held on the 6th of May. The Meeting aired live on NASA’s leading news platform NASA TV. During the Meeting, NASA administrator and chief executive put clear indications that the agency will resume part of its operations before the corona outbreak ensued. However, many of its workers will start operations by working from home then gradually ease into the full resumption of duty 

Bridenstine further stated that the agency has a top priority in maintaining the safety of each employee. According to a report form Bridenstine, all company workers except for security personnel and essential workers will operate from home. The agency recently launched phase 4 of its pandemic response plan that aims to have all 18 of NASA field centers operational as soon as possible. However, to realize step 4, the agency hopes to have a decrease in total coronavirus cases. 

The agency has aa rolled out guideline instructing every field leader on what steps to take before each field resumes duty. Field-based operators will maintain their work from home due to the inability to increase workspace distance in compliance with social distancing regulations. However, the centers will change operations to accommodate the safe return and maintenance of daily workers, even with the new rules in place. 

During the Meeting, top officials faced significant concerns, including the agency’s capacity to provide protective gear for all its employees. Other member s of the board backed up this plan with Morhard stating that the agency places more importance on planning rather than acting. Officials speculate that the new measures might dictate the new working system from now on.

Despite all concerns raised, the agency gives an assurance that the move will become the solid foundation for work in future terms in the event another pandemic hits. Experts claim that this year will see the onset of a different epidemic that will hit later on. NASA hopes that the new system will hold against all future occurrences.