The two crafts that act as a floating a liftoff dais and command craft for Sea Launch are currently in the Russian harbor. However, the owner of the firm said that there are no planned liftoffs shortly.

During an interview with Russian Publication Kommersant, the Chairman of S7 Group, Vladislav Filev, said that the project was on pending even though the command craft and liftoff platform have both landed in a harbor near Vladivostok. Filev went to say that the crafts are not up to carrying out any operation, and that is why they decided to put everything on the wait until the right time kicks in.

The two crafts have been staying at the Harbor of Long Beach California from the time Sea Launch commenced its plans in the late ’90s. The ships used to liftoff the Zenit-3SL rocket in May of 2014.

The S7 group pronounced a deal in 2016 to buy Sea Launch from RSC Energia. The RSC group became the fundamental owner during a rearrangement that took place following the filing insolvency protection back in 2009. The S7 group contributed approximately $150 million for Sea Launch, which carried out 70 launch operations for over 15 years.

In April, the purchase of Sea Launch to S7 Group came to a close, although in the previous months, the entity had moved the crafts from Long Beach to Russia.

In one of the interviews, Filev seemed to feel sorry for transferring the crafts to Russia. He decided to move the planes to Russia because he received information stating that the cost of keeping ships in Russia is way cheaper than those charges in California. It turned out to be the opposite since the expenses in Russia were double the costs.

Filev failed to give out information that concerns the liftoff Car Sea Launch as to when it will resume the launching operation or the actual mission it will carry out. He dodged the question and decided to incline on the issue of charging expenses of his ships in Russia. 

The primary liftoff vehicle of Sea Launch, Zenit-3SL, uses the subordinate steps developed in Ukraine, unlikely to make use of a system from Russia. One of the choices of Sea Launch has always been Soyuz-5, a car on ongoing manufacture made in a way that it uses system primarily made for the Zenit. However, officials from GK Launch Services said that there is no possibility of taking the vehicle back to the service until the middle of ten years.