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Iran Guard uncovers mystery space program in satellite dispatch

On Wednesday the first, Iranian Revolutionary Guard launching took place into space. Most of the space experts have described the Guard as the secret military space program, which will make Iran increase its ballistic missile manufacturing at the center of the tension between the Islamic countries and the U.S.

Iranian used a mobile launcher at a site for launching. According to the Guard, it used Noor or light satellite, which is circulating at the low orbit of the Earth. Israel US and other countries did not accept instantly that the spacecraft arrived at the low orbit immediately, but according to the critics, they accepted the launching happen.

On Wednesday, the Iranian state T.V. displayed the footage on what they revealed to be the satellite and declared it had completed 90 minutes on the earth orbit. The signals are available in the country. The launch occurred after Iran had abandoned the set limits of its planned nuclear deal with the powerful; president in the World President Donald Trump withdrew the American unilaterally in the year 2018.  The troop withdrawal has led to the series of attacks that originate in the U.S. drone attack that occurred in January, leading to the death of the top Iranian general who was in Iraq. The above led to the launching of the attack on the American soldiers who are in Iraq.

As the world is concentrating on the reduction of the spread of coronavirus pandemic, countries have experienced the lowest price for oil ever, the launch of the missile is the sign for the willingness of Iran to take the risk. The tweet from the U.S. president to the U.S. navy instructed them to shoot any Iranian gunboat to destruction level if they experience any harassment in the sea on their ship. Iran has raised the prices of oil and increase the risk of another conflict.

According to Fabian Hinz, who said the Americans have campaign pressure, and Iran has nothing to lose at the moment. Fabian is a researcher in California at James Martins Center, which deals with Nonproliferation studies at the Institute of Middlebury of international studies in Monterey.  

The launching of a three-stage satellite took place at the central desert of Iran without an explanation of the spacecraft, said the Guard. According to Fabian, the media images show the launching took place at an unknown location but near Sharhroud in Iran, which is 330 kilometers north of Tehran.