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The first SpaceX with operational Crew Dragon Flight will have two more Astronauts

Shannon Walker NASA astronaut and Soichi Noguchi from Japanese space flyer to fly to the international space station (ISS). The astronauts will board the crew Dragon, which is a spacecraft developed by SpaceX on that Voyage, according to the announcement issued by the official on 31st March 2020.  The two astronauts will accompany Michael Hopkins and Glover victor Jr who are NASA astronauts. The crew in the spacecraft will be a total of four. 

There is no specified date for launching the quartet mission, which will be the next in line after the SpaceX first-ever mission with the crew.  The test flight named demo-2 will have Bob Behnken and Hurley Doug, who are NASA astronauts to ISS. The launch of the plan will be in the mid of May.  

Dragon with crew visited the orbit of the Earth in March 2019 on a Demo-1, which was the uncrewed mission.  The contract between SpaceX and NASA amounts to 2.6 billion U.S dollars to will ensure six missions to ISS are operational with Crew Dragon in cooperation with the rocket owned by the company known as Falcon 9. There is a similar agreement between Boeing and aerospace giant SpaceX which is worth 1.42 billion U.S dollar that will fulfill the use of a capsule known as CST-100 Starliner.  

Now the starliner is still not ready for carrying passengers to the orbit of the earth because the capsule had suffered some software issues during the test of Demo-1, which is the usual orbital Flight test (OFT) in December the year 2019. During the mission, the starliner had a problem making it stranded in the lower orbit and return immediately to the earth without rendezvousing with the lab in orbit.  

Up to the moment, there is no communication from NASA if it will allow Boeing to have another Flight of OFT or commission it to continue with its orbiting test flight with the crew. SpaceX will help Boeing to come up with the safe required steps that will ensure the demo-2 plane is in the safe condition for carrying a passenger.  

If the Boeing mission will be successful, then the company is looking forward to having several missions with cargo and the crew in one spaceflight. The final authority for the company that will dock to the Space lab comes from NASA, and that is the main reason why the mission has taken long to take Demo-2