As part of rolling out electric cars in Africa, VAYA Africa, a Mauritius registered Transport as a Service company, has launched in Zimbabwe an electric car service. Dorothy Zimuto, the CEO of Vaya Mobility, says that starting the VAYA electric car service is a massive achievement for the company. They aim to deploy new innovative ways of harnessing clean, renewable energy that provides safe, convenient transport services in Africa.

The company plans soon roll out the VAYA electric car in West and East Africa with a range of multi-purpose cars. This VAYA digital hail services platform will include an electric vehicle fleet of motorbikes, dump trucks, passenger vehicles, buses as well as vans. According to the CEO, this move is part of the company’s vision to drive comprehensive technology across Africa.

VAYA Africa is a premium service available in Africa offering a variety of services such as logistic and passenger hailing services, and the VAYA electric will be part of this application. To enjoy the services one requires to download the VAYA Africa app and look for the Mobility option. They should select the Electric Vehicle option. The application prompts the user to choose the pickup as well as the destination address to request a ride.

The payment options available include mobile money, VISA card, MasterCard, in addition to any other international debit or credit card options. In the next ten years, the company plans for the VAYA platform to have a fully electric vehicle fleet aimed at zero emissions. Zimuto says that compared to the vehicles running on fossil fuels, an electric car can save up to 40% on fuel and maintenance costs. 

Electric Vehicles offer a considerable advantage with less service frequency as well as minimal maintenance check-ins. It does not mean the vehicle will not require service as electrical systems such as the battery and electric motors require maintenance once in a while. Parts like the brake last longer since there are regenerative braking systems that charge the battery when braking.

According to Zimuto, electric vehicles could be charged by solar or grid-tied charging stations. VAYA Africa will provide charging stations across Zimbabwe with the help of Ugesi Energy, thus offering electric vehicle owners charging options almost anywhere in the country.

As VAYA Africa positions itself in Africa as an enabler in hail riding value chain, it has decided to import various brands of electric vehicles. The aim of this is to offer car loans through Steward Bank for the purchase of these vehicles by people who qualify and VAYA partners.

The global view on cars is changing with car manufacturers deciding to go electric. Companies such as Volkswagen have announced that by 2026 the plan to cease the manufacture of gasoline-powered vehicles. Also, governments like China are supporting the production of electric cars to curb carbon emissions from Internal Combustion Engines.

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