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Australian Firm Inaugurates Exquisite EV charging technology.

The installation of an electronic car charging station is so intense that the automobile industry is shifting to EVs. EV owners must subscribe to charging providers so that they can access public charging stations. The subscription allows them to use a credit card or an app to recharge the cars.

The plug and charge tech of Tritium is the latest tech to shape the automobile industry. With this tech, the plugin and automatic recognition of the car’s make-up certificate ensures a secure recharge. One of the Tritium founders, James Kennedy, says that the cryptographic certificate of the EV is like an embedded credit card for the vehicle. 

This technology is more of an advanced copy of Tesla chargers. Initially, Tesla was the only company with this payment scheme for car recharge. Tritium says their motivation was to ensure other EVs also enjoy this service. 

Behyad Jafari, the CEO of the Australian Electric Vehicle Council, says that Tritium is at the top in EV car charging tech. He boasts that Australia is the first country to make EV charging inter-operational. The only problem, he adds, is that they cannot use the ‘plug and charge’ technology. 

Kennedy says that various items are involved in the ‘plug and charge’ technology. These items include the charge station operator, the ‘plug and charge’ software, the cryptographic certificate provider, and the charger. The association of these pieces authenticates the working of this system. Kennedy says that this level is yet to be achieved by anyone in the world. 

Kennedy explains that car manufacturers are spearheading the production of new cars that can accommodate the ‘plug and charge’ system. He reports that Tritium is testing this new tech with European OEMs in Amsterdam and Los Angeles facilities. Tritium’s peak objective for this new technology is for it to operate like ATMs. This mission is to digitize the system so that those nonmembers pay a small fee for system maintenance. 

However, Kennedy has not outlined the time when this system takes effect, saying that it all depends on the OEMs and charging providers. He then says that Tritium is effecting this technology with its 350kW power chargers. The next station to initiate this technology is Tritium’s 50kW fast chargers. 

Since Tritium is taking to electric vehicle charging technology in 2012, it has been able to produce over 2000 chargers. Mr. Kennedy acknowledges the 50kW DC fast chargers as Tritium’s best charger and is absolute that the 350kW charger is the company’s next big product. He comments that this charger is going to reduce the charge time for the EVs. 

Finally, Kennedy hints that they project to implement these fast chargers with Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford. He says that these projects are sure to keep them ahead while other firms are learning the ‘plug and charge’ system.