Bentley has joined the league for EV automotive movement through the start of the framework of its new salon. There are high hopes that the salon will be the first Bentley vehicle that is fully electric. According to Bentley, it has a plan to establish a global leader in the development of electric cars by the year 2025.  

Adrian Hallmark, who is the current Bentley CEO, said that the team they are working with has already developed a said car through designing the vehicle that resembles Jaguar I-PACE. The vehicle will be a machine that looks like the traditional saloon shape, but the riding body style is high that will have the battery pack, which does not look like an SUV.  

HE added that, if the company were to launch an Electric vehicle this year, it would be smaller than the actual electric car or similar to the standard car but not upright, and it will not be an attractive, thus cheaper price. The main challenge is the battery technology that has made the company change the dates for the launch to meet the customer’s demand. The company has a target to have vehicles that will cover between 300 and 350 miles or will the ability to move with a speed of 65mph on average for 5 hours. Bentley is concentrating on how it will develop a slipper car with characteristics that overcome most of the aerodynamics to have delivered the promise it gave to its customers, according to Autocar. 

Bentley has a target of manufacturing between 11,000 and 12,000 vehicles yearly, which will go to the global market, which is over 85 million markets. The primary purpose of the company is to be the leader in the electrification of luxury vehicles.  Bentley Company, in 2019became a certified carbon neutral, which is the direction that the luxury car vehicle is heading to enhance sustainability.  

In the year 2019, Bentley launched the EXP 100 GT concept as a method to celebrate its anniversary by concentrating on future developments for about 100 coming years. The electric powertrain will have four 201-335 bhp motors with an improved torque-vectoring system, which distributes both the output of 800bph and 1340 BPH to all the four wheels. 

In the coming five years, most of the automakers will have developed different types of electric vehicles that will be circulating in the market. One of the most innovative companies is Tesla, which has cars in the market.