Lt Governor G C Murmu leads the event of approving four policies for tourism, held power, hydropower, and renewable energy as a way of improving industrial development.

According to a report released by a spokesperson, the final words of the Administrative Council comes after a backdrop of International Stakeholders Conference planned to take place sometime in the year as a way of attracting funds in the union region. 

The report states that current strategies focusing on funds and present business bodies will aid facilitate ‘Ease of Performing Business in the region of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

Only 13 of 14 sectional strategies for funding conferences are undergoing drafting having an extra Umbrella Strategy of 2020 MSME, large and extra-large units.

Those sectional strategies will aid in the implementation of several regions as a way of developing an atmosphere full of business. It will help in attracting stakeholders who will make exceptional funds in J&K and well-weighed [industrial development at pocket-friendly prices. As a result, there will be more employment opportunities created to enhance the generation of income, which will, in turn, aid in the development of the overall economy.

The 2020-J&K Tourism Strategy anticipates making the J&K an exceptional tourist attraction center for ordinary and foreign tourists. It will help in the generation of countless job opportunities for its people. It aims to offer training to over 4,000 tourist service providers in the coming decade hence promoting all different sorts of tourism across the Union Territory.

That particular step will help fill the gap between supply and demand help hence providing a way of giving 27/7 power to all firms. The J&K Hydro Power and Renewable Strategy would help in the production of green and clean electricity by the use of water and solar energy, which would, in turn, develop an environment of investing in renewable energy schemes. It will aid in doing away with pollution posed to the environment. 

It will help firm owners vend extra electric power in the system and also provide for the load demand when in need. It will add to the sum of fixed electrical capacity through a stored production and further tighten the process of expanding industries.

J&K officials stated that they aim to promote the development of medical industries as a way of conserving, developing, and manufacturing the sectors that will help to establish herbal firms in J&K.

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