The UK car firms have threats of losing to Europe in the race of producing major battery factories, which are so crucial to the sector of the future; hence this put the jobs in danger across the country, whereby the government research body has warned. When you fail to attract giga-factories to create batteries for electric cars can cost the UK 105,000 jobs, predict by v.  Car manufacturers in this world are racing to change the product from the core combustion engines towards cars that have no exhaust emissions, amidst the tightening restrictions on carbon dioxide produced and the risk of outright bans, which can come early 2032 in the United Kingdom. The best sellers of lithium to European producers are Chinese companies, but car producers are looking to manufacture their own that is closer to their factories. Hence there are billions of investments that are up for seizes. Many companies in the United Kingdom (UK) compete directly with the counterpart in Italy, German and France.

As time goes by, the production of the car will drift to the output of the battery belongs. When the United Kingdom decides to create enough cells to substitute fossil fuel car manufacture, then employment in an automotive industry could recover from 170,000 jobs in 2020 to 220,000 in 2040. Though, an adverse outcome with small scales United Kingdom battery production. Hence this causes domestic vehicle manufacturers to stop their manufacture of core combustion engine vehicles gradually; therefore, this will eliminate the jobs of 170000 people who have positions in the United Kingdom automotive sector. Germany and France have publicized plans of about £5.3bn (€6bn) of savings in the production of the battery, as they pursue to protect jobs for millions of laborers in their automotive firms.

The commission of Europe has accepted a different plan by Finland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, and Italy. They pump €3.2bn into the beginning European battery firm.  The sustained doubt over Brexit discussions has convoluted the efforts of the British government to protect foreign investments in the factory. The United Kingdom has achieved to carve out a point as the fourth biggest car manufacturer in Europe. Nevertheless, international companies own all large factories in the United Kingdom. Most of these companies are averse to making savings until the long term trading connection with the EU decides. We need to ensure that the United Kingdom remains a place of attraction to build, design, and sell electric vehicles. SMMT says that they have already made bestselling taxis and electric cars.

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