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Russian crew members swapped as Covid-19 outburst interrupts launching operations

Several space missions such as Soyuz mission to International Space Station had passed their final tests and waiting to launch. NASA’s space director called upon making some adjustments on two Russian space explorers present on the crew. However, coronavirus blew once, and everything changed suddenly, even NASA operations. Russian had anticipated performing a preflight quarantine activity to its space explorers, but due to the outbreak of coronavirus, all activities, including this one, will remain behind doors.

In February, NASA manager replaced Nikolai Tikhonov and Andrei Babkin with Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner due to medical reasons. The new operation plans to liftoff on 9 April on Soyuz MS-16, but with the outbreak of coronavirus, there will be some confusion. 

Talking to SpaceNews, NASA manager said there would not be any problems arising from adjustments he made. The four-space explorers know each other well as they have worked and practiced together in various missions. It is good to adjust the astronauts after a whole of activity to allow their minds to rest. 

In addition to the information said to SpaceNews, Shireman stated that the two space explorers he placed on board had done maximum practice. He has the confidence that they will make him proud, as they are both in good spirits. His team anticipates everything to take place as planned.

Many space explorers returned from space experiencing colds and other minor illnesses. Since the sicknesses shared among space explorers coming back from the area, NASA has no choice but to put into action a preflight quarantine that will last for two weeks. The quarantine will prevent bugs that live in space from posing health threats to space explorers. 

However, NASA officials postponed the anticipated space flight of Russia due to the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus. It will give more time to the World Health Organization in trying to contain the virus from spreading further as scientists work on establishing the vaccine. There is no specified date or day when the quarantine session will kick-start. However, the team plans to discuss the time of administering the quarantine, steps to follow during the quarantine, among other items on their agenda.

Shireman said that the whole body of associates plans to tighten all measures on their workers as directed by the World Health Organization. Everything that has a start always has an end. Even this pandemic will end, provided everybody follows all measures strictly.